Stop Being Rejected  
Get Your Nonprofit's Grants Funded
You may think it's impossible to get grants in today's tough funding environment... 
but if you learn the secrets of grant writing masters... YOU can be Funded!

We've all had our grant proposals rejected. We know how that feels. Terrible. It hurts our pride and our sense of competence. But rejection doesn't just hurt us as individuals. It hurts people who need help when your proposals are turned down. It hurts your organization when it doesn't have the resources it needs to keep your experienced colleagues employed. It hurts your community when identified needs continue to fester.
Why This Course?
Too many good-hearted, well-meaning, smart people in nonprofits today are thrust into writing grants because "someone" needs to do it.  

But without specific knowledge of where to look for opportunities, what to include in the proposal, and how to package it, you're not going to have a chance of being funded, even if it is a good idea!

Funded! Successful Grantwriting for Your Nonprofit, based on my book, is the complete online course that will take you from complete novice to confident  grant writer, in just a few short weeks.  

I am pained by the problems I see around us every day, problems that need fixing.  I believe good ideas that solve real problems DESERVE to get resources.  

Thousands of grant proposals with good ideas are rejected because their authors have never learned the basics of grantwriting.

MILLIONS of people whose lives could be improved are left in their current condition, with sinking hopes, because of a lack of skill on the part of people who want to help.  

It's important to learn what funders want and how to give it to them so your proposals get funded.

The Secrets of Master Grantwriters Revealed

Learn What to Do EVERY Step of the Way from 
Finding Funders to Submitting the Proposal
Solve problems in YOUR community!
Be confident in your job!
Have an in-demand career where top performers are paid top-dollar!

Ask The Right Questions
Learn what you need to know BEFORE you write a single word...
Write It Down
Understand EXACTLY what funders want to see in each section of your proposal...
Submit the Proposal 
Avoid the TRAPS that can keep you from getting your proposal in on time

“I have enjoyed learning process of writing a grant and have most certainly learned skills that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise.” - Ruth

Things Are Different Today

Hi, I'm Dr Richard Hoefer.

For more than 25 years (a quarter for a century!) I've been writing grants, getting funded, and teaching others to do so as well in my university classes.

It's used to be, grants were a lot easier to get and many poorly written proposals were funded.  

It's not like that anymore. The competition is stiff and requirements are tough. Those who are out there "attempting" to get grants will find themselves far behind the curve. 

This FUNDED course gives you the edge you need to get resources for your organization, your cause, and your clients. 

Dr. Richard Hoefer, Author of
Funded! Successful Grantwriting for Your Nonprofit

"Dr. Hoefer is an exceptional grantwriting instructor, and his book Funded! Successful Grantwriting for Your Nonprofit presents a concise, comprehensive and insightful guide to developing winning grant proposals from the ground up. 

Through Dr. Hoefer’s expertise as a grantwriter, author and professor, I started as a complete novice and proudly completed his course with a professional grant proposal in hand and the knowledge, tools and abilities to go forward in the world of grants and development.

A must-have grantwriting resource!”

 - Elizabeth Williams
Do You Have These Common Questions About Writing Grants?
  • How do I know if I'd be good at grantwriting?
  • How do you get your foot in the door?
  • How do I identify potential funders?
  • Isn't it really hard to write a successful grant?
  • Where do grantwriters work?
  • Is it true you can only get foundation grants if you know someone on the board?
  • How do I use data to prove there's a problem in my community?
  • Where do I locate programs that funders want to give money for?
  • What's program evaluation? How do you do it?
  • I don't know where to start. Can you help?
Here's the most often-asked question I get:
"Can you help me get my grants funded?"
Whether you're new to writing grants or have years of experience, you'll learn valuable information that can be worth millions of dollars to you and your organization.
Here's What's Included in the Funded! Course:

Week 1: Getting Started as a Grantwriter

  • Overcoming 5 myths that keep the average grantwriter from getting started
  • Employed or freelance...which is best?
  • Applicable worksheets and much more...

Week 2: The Grantwriting World Today

  • Writing grants for foundations and government agencies: what’s the difference?
  • How to find ideas funders want to give money for 
  • Worksheet, additional resources, and more!

Week 3: Finding Foundation Funding

  • Essential information about foundations BEFORE you write a grant
  • Finding the right foundations for your proposals
  • Worksheets, resources and much more!

Week 4: Finding Government Funding

  • Using the best source for government funding to find the grant opportunity right for you
  • The “secret” technique for planning next year’s grant proposals schedule
  • Worksheets to reinforce your knowledge, along with other important information

Week 5: Uncovering Need in Your Community

  • The 4-D approach to describing your community’s need for funding
  • Detailed instructions on how to find data to support your grant
  • Worksheets to practice each step of the process

Week 6: Finding or Creating Evidence-based Solutions

  • Where to find ready-made program ideas that funders want to give money to
  • Open-source repositories of proven solutions for many common human services-related issues
  • Practice sheets to document the solutions you need to propose in your grant proposal

Week 7: Logic Models

  • How to develop this vital element required for most grant applications
  • Why to develop a logic model, even if it isn’t asked for
  • Instructions and guidelines to create a superior logic model diagram to increase the reader’s ease in understanding your proposal

Week 8: Program Evaluation

  • How to create an effective evaluation plan, even if you never liked research classes
  • Linking evaluation planning with your logic model—the easiest way to link these two important sections of the grant
  • Practical tips and approaches to creating a knockout evaluation section in your proposal

Week 9: Program Implementation Planning

  • Plan to get your program up and running quickly
  • Step-by-step instructions to showcase your thoughtful planning efforts
  • Practice what you’ve learned worksheets and additional resources

Week 10: Budgeting

  • Best ideas for determining costs for all items
  • Links and information to budget anything needed in your program
  • Charts you can fill in to keep all your information ready for use now and later

Week 11: Agency Capacity and Capabilities

  • What documentation you need to convince funders you can achieve your stated goals
  • Creating organizational chart to quickly show readers your agency’s structure
  • Workbook sheets to plan and execute this vital section of your proposal

Week 12: Final Details

  • Demonstrating sustainability—one key to getting funding now
  • The things you must do to submit your proposal correctly
  • Additional information to ensure you have the best proposal you can write!

"I learned a great deal from this course. You will too."  
Larry Watson, Ph.D.

Retired Faculty Member, University of Texas at Arlington
What You Can Do As a Successful Grantwriter
Support Your Cause
Compete and Win
Help People

Successful grantwriters find and acquire money and other resources to support causes they love, from children with cancer to elderly people who have been scammed.  Whatever cause YOU believe in, you will be able to make it happen!

Writing grants is very competitive, and when you know the ins and outs of the profession, you'll feel the "thrill of victory" when the proposal that YOU crafted after hours of effort is given recognition as among the best submitted. 

Helping people is the number one thing that successful grantwriters do.  With YOUR skills and efforts, you will bring vital resources to organizations that assist and empower people to live better lives.  You will be a key player in improving the lives of thousands.

How Much Do Grantwriting Courses Usually Cost?

Other grant courses cost a lot of money--I've seen prices as high as $1,499.00, which doesn't include other costs, such as airfare, hotel charges, and restaurant bills. The least expensive reputable course, that only covers foundation grants, sets you back $595.00, for 2 days of information and 1 day of practice--and again ignores the real costs of travel.

You won't know much about the presenters, either. They may have just been given a script to follow, without every having had to prove themselves in the real world of writing grants.

And don't forget the hidden price you pay--time away from your office, your family, your LIFE!

DIY Grantwriting
Total Value $2093!
  • Funded! Course That Prepares You To Be Able To Write Successful Grants - Value $1497
  • Private Facebook Group - Value $297
  • Access 10 Interviews to Learn the Secrets of Successful Grantwriters - Value $299
DIY Grantwriting Plus
Total Value $3342!
  • Funded! Course That Prepares You To Be Able To Write Successful Grants - Value $1497
  • Private Facebook Group - Value $297
  • Access 10 Interviews to Learn the Secrets of Successful Grantwriters - Value $299
  • Private Videos to Enhance Learning - Value $499
  • 6 Months of Monthly Group Coaching Calls - Value $750
DIY Grantwriting Platinum
Total Value $4636!
  • Funded! Course That Prepares You To Be Able To Write Successful Grants - Value $1497
  • Private Facebook Group - Value $297
  • Access 10 Interviews to Learn the Secrets of Successful Grantwriters - Value $299
  • Private Videos to Enhance Learning - Value $499
  • 6 Months of Monthly Group Coaching Calls - Value $750
  • How to Read the Minds of Funders Course - Value $197
  • Lessons for Grantwriters from the Princess Bride Course - Value $97
  • 2 Private Consulting Calls - Value $1000

“[Dr. Hoefer’s] willingness to share [his] wisdom and knowledge …has given me the ability and the confidence to write any grant proposal that would benefit an organization that serves people in need. THANK YOU!” - Michael

“I feel confident that I really understand the grant writing process from finding an RFP to thinking about what the reader sees in a proposal. Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience!” - Gretchen

About Dr. Richard Hoefer

Dr. Hoefer has over 25 years of experience working in and with nonprofit organizations, assisting them in improving their services through program evaluation, grantwriting, advocacy training and management consulting.

Dr. Hoefer has authored more than 30 published journal articles and 6 books and has given scores of presentations in the fields of nonprofit management, advocacy, program evaluation and policy practice.

Dr. Richard Hoefer is the Roy E. Dulak Professor in Community Practice Research at the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington. He directs the Center for Advocacy, Nonprofit and Donor Organizations (CAN-DO).
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